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Champion combo tatami mats are great for those who combine cardio, striking arts and grappling.
This mat is manufactured using the same technology as our offical IJF Approved Tatami.

The Champion combo mat is 1" thick (2.5cm) made of high density foam that offers a firm surface and excellent shock-absorbing capacity.

Covered in tatami-style textured vinyl and futures an anti-skid "waffle" bottom for stability.

Recomended for:
Karate & Teakowndo
Mat Size:  39.38" x 78.75" x 1." (thick)
                 [1m x 2m x 2.5cm.]
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  Offers Great Safety Reduces Risk of Injuries
  Waterproof and Non-slip Surface
  Great Versatility for Multi-sports use
  Professional look No reconditioning required
  Easy to clean and easy to assembly
  Outstanding Performance and Durability

Traditional "rice-straw" textured vinyl surface

Top quality materials and superior workmanship guarantee years of use. High density polyurethane foam, durable, super resilient, fully sealed corners and ruber waffle anti-slip bottom is permanently attached.
No $$ Money Down...
Pricing per mat:  (39.38" x 78.75")

Price USD.
1 - 19
20 - 99
100  +
Half Mat (1m x 1m)
*Ask us about volume discounts.
On Sale: $105 (Limited time Only)

Suggested Areas for Combo Tatami Mats
13' X 13'
8 pieces
20' X 20'
18 pieces
26' X 26'
32 pieces
33' X 33'
50 pieces
40' X 40'
72 pieces

International Official Areas

46' X 46'
98 pieces
53' X 53'
128 pieces
(Olympic Arena)

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